Let’s just get this out of the way: Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is most certainly aware of the fact that Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas is not, in fact, a white person.

But you wouldn't know that as the Nevada Democrat promised earlier this week "to do something about" the Supreme Court ruling 5-4 last week that the owners of Hobby Lobby, a closely held corporation, cannot be required by law to cover the cost of employees' abortifacients.

“The one thing we are going to do during this work period, sooner rather than later, is to ensure that women’s lives are not determine by virtue of five white men,” Reid said in a briefing with reporters after promising action on the floor of the U.S. Senate.

Thomas was among the five who ruled in favor of Hobby Lobby.

Again, Thomas is not a “white man.”

The likely reason Reid went with this false statement is because it’s popular and effective for Democrats to gin up the base by railing against the notion that their opposition consists entirely of “old, white males.”

Reid aims “these lines at riling-up the low-information voters in a mid-term year. He counts on them not actually knowing who sits on the Supreme Court, and that's probably a safe assumption,” the American Pundit notes.

Three “of the 4 liberal justices who dissented are also white,” the Pundit added. “The other justice is a white Hispanic. Thomas, a conservative, is the only black justice on the court.”

(H/T: Washington Free Beacon)