President Obama is being greeted in Florida today with accusations that he is taking credit for remarkable job creation in the Sunshine State that are really the work of the state government and GOP Gov. Rick Scott.

A Republican Party ad in the Florida Times-Union welcoming Obama to Jacksonville reads: "It is flattering you want to take credit for Gov. Rick Scott's success. But it would be better if you learned some lessons from Rick Scott on job growth, too."

Obama is making his third stop on his campaign-style effort to push the GOP into approving new jobs programs and give him an increase in the debt ceiling.

Republicans have shrugged off the pivot to economic issues by the president, noting that there isn't any money to spend on his new initiatives. Michigan Rep. Bill Huizenga told WOOD Radio, for example, "the president doesn't have enough money to keep the White House doors open, I'm kind of curious what makes him think he's going to have the money for new, massive spending initiatives."

In Florida, Republican Party Chairman Lenny Curry added, "After having the second highest jump in unemployment in the country in the four years prior to Governor Scott's inauguration, his formula of lowering taxes, decreasing regulations and creating an environment friendly for job creators has resulted in Florida having the second largest drop in unemployment in the country. I urge President Obama to take this formula of success back to Washington so that middle class families can look forward to a stronger economy instead of more rhetoric about it."

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