The pro-choice cause needs to argue that abortionist Kermit Gosnell, on trial for murder, is nothing like regular-old late-term abortionists. A recent video sting by a pro-life group Live Action shows evidence to the contrary. The New York Post has the story:

Is the Kermit Gosnell baby-murder mill in Philadelphia an isolated case? Consider what happened at Dr. Emily’s Women’s Health Center in the Bronx on Jan. 11, 2013.

The most awful detail is probably the method of killing babies born alive that the clinic worker describes:

“They would still have to put it in like a jar, a container, with solution, and send it to the lab.  . . . We don’t just throw it out in the garbage.”

“Like, what if it was twitching?” asked the pregnant woman.

“The solution will make it stop,” said the clinic employee. “That’s the whole purpose of the solution . . . It will automatically stop. It won’t be able to breathe anymore.”


“I don’t want to like go into labor at home,” the pregnant woman said. “Like what if it like pops out, like, at home?”

“If it comes out then it comes out. Flush it!” said the employee.

Should the child be born on the floor? “We’ll tell you to put it in a bag or something and bring it to us,” the employee advised.


More videos from other late-term arbortionists, are forthcoming from the pro-life group, Live Action.