Aaron Sorkin considers himself to be a "political unsophisticate," but knows exactly what edits he would make to this election cycle.

"In my world, the moment the gay soldier was booed in Afghanistan in the debate about a year ago, I would have had my Mitt Romney or my Jon Huntsman or my whoever-was-up-there say, 'hang on just a moment, this can't go unanswered...I'll be the guy standing up for this guy,'" Sorkin said. He and interviewer Tina Brown seemed to agree that there were a "ton of missed moral moments" during the campaign.

He also thought Romney should have declined Donald Trump's endorsement. "Mr. Trump, I appreciate your support, but I'm going to have to decline your endorsement because you're saying these nutty things about the president not being born here and I just don't agree with that," Sorkin's Romney would have said.

The screenwriter, attending the Hero Summit in Washington, noted that viewers wouldn't be seeing the General Petraeus scandal on "The Newsroom" anytime soon. "It's a story I would love to take on, unfortunately season two of 'The Newsroom,' which began shooting this week. Our timeline literally ends the day before the Petraeus story broke," Sorkin said.