Vice President Joe Biden made a quick stop in Houston today as he travels to Panama to promote more federal funding for port expansion.

During his Texas speech, Biden quoted a line from the poem "Easter 1916" by the Irish poet William Butler Yeats.

"'All changed, changed utterly, a terrible beauty has been born,'" Biden quoted, pointing out that world commerce had fundamentally changed the manufacturing landscape in America.

"I think the line better fits America and the world today than it did in 1916," he said.

"Folks this is about the community, man, this isn't the federal government coming in and plopping all this money down and doing everything," Biden said.

Biden explained that more port funding was a small government investment that would pay out big for the community in Houston, citing the success the White House had with some of the stimulus programs.

"Let's go spread the faith," Biden said as he concluded his speech. "Infrastructure matters. Ports matter the most."

Yeats could not be reached for comment.