Texas gubernatorial hopeful Wendy Davis became the center of national attention for her filibuster for abortion rights last year. Now she's again a media focal point after a recent Dallas Morning News profile cast new light on her personal history.

Here's a look at some of the Washington Examiner's past coverage of Davis:

She was the main topic for Mark Tapscott's Morning Examiner post Wednesday morning, "Troubles pile up for Wendy Davis as media weighs her veracity."

She was the subject of an Eric Allie editorial cartoon earlier this week, and Davis and Malala Yousafzai were the subject of the Examiner commentary department's Monday Meme this week.

Commentary writer Ashe Schow also challenged Davis recently as not being a real feminist: "[W]hile the feminism that Wendy Davis represents gets far more attention in the American media, real feminists around the world are fighting for basic rights against actual oppression."

Media coverage: Our Senior Political Analyst Michael Barone weighed in on how Politico has covered Davis compared to its saturation coverage of Chris Christie's bridge scandal, and Deputy Opinion Editor Charles Hoskinson looked at how MSNBC was covering the DMN story.

Senior Political Columnist Timothy P. Carney also wrote a column last September comparing how Davis has been hailed by some in the press as a hero while Sen. Ted Cruz, then on verge of launching his filibuster effort to derail Obamacare, was called out as a "grandstander."

Follow the money: It's not cheap to run for governor of Texas — Davis will be challenging Republican frontrunner and incumbent state Attorney General Greg Abbott. Davis' campaign fundraising has been a frequent topic for Examiner writers.

-- Trial lawyer Steve Mostyn's Texas law firm gave $1 million to boost Davis' bid for governor, reported David Yates of Legal Newsline.

-- Davis reported earlier this month that she had raised $12 million in her gubernatorial bid, Steve Doty reported.

Abortion: Davis' stance on abortion has also been a subject for Washington Examiner reporters and commentators.

-- Carney wrote this week about the role abortion rights have played in Davis' out-of-state fundraising. He also wrote earlier this month about how abortion as a political issue has helped Davis and other political figures raise campaign cash.

-- Joel Gerhke wrote about how Davis termed herself "pro-life" last year.

-- David Freddoso also wrote about Davis in June, soon after her filibuster on the floor of the Texas Senate, and tied her cause to that of another person in the news at that time who supported legalized abortion, infamous Philadelphia abortionist Kermit Gosnell ("If only Kermit Gosnell had worn pink sneakers like Wendy Davis").

Video: See a video report by Steve Doty on Davis' announcement of her run for the governor's office in Fort Worth last year at this link. And click here to see the video Davis put out when she announced her candidacy.