Rick Perry has a message for Democrats over his indictment: Bring it on.

In a talk at the Heritage Foundation in downtown D.C. co-hosted by National Review, the Texas governor went on offense and tore into his critics, calling the indictment “an attack on our system of government.”

“There are a few public officials in Travis County who have taken issue with an exercise of my constitutional veto authority,” he said. “These are fundamentally principles that are very important: Namely, a governor’s power to veto legislation and funding, and the right of free speech.”

He said he’s confident he will win in court.

The governor went to the Travis County courthouse on Aug. 18 for booking after being indicted late last week on charges that he abused his power when he used a line-item veto threat to try to pressure a district attorney to step down from her post as head of a public integrity unit.

Perry’s indictment drew widespread criticism, even from some liberal quarters such as the editorial board of the New York Times.