Who would you put on a list of influential women in history? Susan B. Anthony and Rosa Parks, definitely, but Wendy Davis?

Campaigns are expected to elevate candidates, but this edges on ridiculous.

An event hosted by supporters and listed on Davis' website, called "From Hightops to Tennies," is described as being a "historical fashion show featuring Abigail Adams to Wendy Davis."

“Ten models will highlight influential women throughout history,” the event listing said.

A separate listing for the event in the Bandera County Courier lists the 10 women to be featured, including obvious choices like Abigail Adams, Susan B. Anthony, Eleanor Roosevelt, Rosa Parks and Lady Bird Johnson. Other "influential" women include Democrat favorites like former Texas Gov. Ann Richards and Hillary Clinton.

One name on the list that shouldn't surprise anyone but will probably raise some eyebrows - is Margaret Sanger. You know Sanger, the eugenicist who founded Planned Parenthood and wrote about sterilizing people she deemed unfit to reproduce?

Add in Davis and lieutenant governor candidate Leticia Van de Putte and that’s all 10 "influential women."

How is Davis influential? She wore pink "tennies" to filibuster an abortion bill in Texas that ended up passing. She's not a historical candidate for Texas, nor would her winning make history -- Miriam A. Ferguson was the first female governor of Texas in 1925. So it's hard to see what lands her on a list with Anthony and Parks.

Davis wasn't even at the event - she was an hour away visiting with the San Antonio Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, according to a picture tweeted by the organization's director of communications, Michael Vela.

But the Davis model was there, wearing pink tennis shoes to commemorate the failed filibuster.