Lots can happen in five years. A Pentagon can be built. Hoover Dam. Even the Space Shuttle Discovery.

But not a decision by the president of the United States.

Friday is the fifth anniversary of the Keystone XL project application for approval from the U.S. government to build a pipeline to carry Canadian oil south through the Dakotas, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas to refineries in the Gulf of Mexico.

In the five years since the application was submitted, President Obama has repeatedly delayed a decision, thus preventing creation of thousands of new jobs and the economic growth that would come with them.

The Oil Sands Fact Check, an organization supported by the American Petroleum Institute and the National Association of Manufacturers, released the following infographic detailing five massive projects that outpaced Keystone, which still hasn’t been approved yet.

 OSFC also released a document highlighting the reasons Keystone should be approved:

* Meets Obama’s climate standard

* Will increase national and energy security

* Will create thousands of jobs

* Will be a safe transportation route for oil sands

* Even without Keystone, oil sands will be developed

Polls continue to show that wide margins of Americans support the construction of the pipeline. National Journal found in July that 67 percent - including 56 percent of Democrats - approve of building the pipeline.

An April poll from the Pew Research Center found 66 percent favoring construction and a March Gallup poll found 57 percent approving of the pipeline.