Infowars' Alex Jones has lost a custody over his three kids with ex-wife Kelly Jones in a case where the fiery conspiracy theorist's attorney argued that he is only "playing a character" on his show.

The Travis County, Texas, jury was comprised of 12 jurors. Ten agreed with the verdict on Thursday, which means Kelly Jones will get the best of custody rights. Alex will still have visition rights but with their children, ages 9, 12 and 14, with the exact plan yet to be ironed out.

Alex Jones' ex-wife described him as a "violent, cruel and abusive man" who is "enraged and out of control most of the time," according to the Austin-American Statesman.

In the lobby, after the verdict, Kelly Jones said "I'm so blessed," referring to her support base and family.

As host of Infowars, Alex Jones has perpetuated such conspiracy theories as "Pizzagate," which ties Hillary Clinton to a child sex ring, and consistently condemns the mainstream media.

In a somewhat ironic turn of events, last week Jones urged the media to be "respectful and responsible" during the trial.

Jones' attorney Randall Wilhite said he is "a performance artist" and during the trial, Alex Jones' legal team tried to convey Kelly Jones as being emotionally unstable.

Jones is having a pretty rough week, considering he was also sued by Greek Yogurt producer Chobani for suggesting the company was complicit in sexual assault involving children.