Redskins left tackle Trent Williams Pro Bowl experience is over, thanks to a reported altercation that required him to receive stitches in his head. According to 106.7 The Fan, Williams was involved in some sort of fight at a bar. Another patron cracked Williams over the head with a champagne bottle, according to ESPN, and then tasered him.

Here’s what Captain Andrew Lum, Office of the Chief, Honolulu Police Department said in a statement released by the NFL: “At 1:30 am this morning, Honolulu Police Department (HPD) officers responded to a report of a large affray at a night club in central Honolulu. Three males were injured during the affray. Two were treated and released from the hospital, and the third male declined treatment. One male was arrested for Assault in the 3rd Degree and additional arrests are likely. The HPD has opened an Assault 2nd and four Assault 3rd investigations. The investigation into these offenses continue.”

Williams is considered a victim, not a suspect.

According to the Minnesota Vikings’ official Twitter account, he’ll be replaced by Minnesota’s Matt Kalil.

Williams could not be reached by phone and did not immediately respond to a text message. Teammate Lorenzo Alexander, also in Hawaii, said via text that he was unaware of what had happened to Williams.

Williams had talked often this season about how much he had matured, not just in his three seasons but since the end of 2011 when he was suspended for the final four games because of drugs. He was elected a captain this season and played the final five games with a severely bruised left thigh. He said in past years he would have sat out at least one game because of the injury.

This was Williams’ first time at the Pro Bowl. He will be credited with a Pro Bowl appearance and be allowed to stand on the sideline.