As the Redskins' Robert Griffin III rolled to his right and threw back across his body, his knee first gave out Sunday. Even he knew something wasn't right. And he admitted it scared the heck out of him. Just not enough to leave the game.

Thanks to the NFL Network's Sound FX, an exchange between Griffin and teammate Trent Williams can be heard. It probably occurred on the sidelines after Griffin's second touchdown pass -- the same drive in which his knee first gave way.

Here's the exchange:

Williams » Are you sure you're all right, bro?

Griffin » Yeah, I'm a ... I'm gonna be safe.

Williams » You tweaked it when you were trying to back up?

Griffin » Yeah, my foot kind of went weh-weh.

Williams » Did that shock you a little bit?

Griffin » Yeah, scared the [expletive] out of me.

Griffin laughs.

Williams » All right, be smart.

Griffin » I will. I promise. I promise.

Before this exchange, Seattle cornerback Richard Sherman was heard telling teammates Bobby Wagner and Brandon Browner on the bench that "Ten don't want to run that thing. ... He can't cut on it. When he cut on it, he trying to but he's putting too much pressure on it."

The only problem with what was heard on the audio? Warren Moon, Seattle's analyst on the radio, didn't completely see what happened on the play. Here's what Moon said: "If he continues at this pace the way he's taking shots when he runs the football, he might not be in this game much longer."

There was just one problem -- Griffin wasn't hit on the play.

- John Keim