“It’s not fully developed… it doesn’t even look like a baby yet.” That’s the falsehood caught on tape of an Arizona abortionist to a woman, 24 weeks pregnant, presumably so that she wouldn’t be tempted to back out of aborting the baby. Below is a picture of a newborn born prematurely, after 24 weeks of gestation.

That looks like a baby. And it’s viable. That’s why after 24 weeks in Arizona, it’s illegal to abort the baby. That law is likely why the doctors at the abortion clinic massaged the ultrasound results to make this 24-week in utero child come out as 23 weeks.

Also, one doctor explains that at 24 weeks, if the baby is born during an attempted abortion, they don’t give it any medical assistance, and just let it die. “We just wouldn’t go through all the resuscitation.”

The ultrasound technician at one point, complaining about the informed consent laws, says ” Yes it’s pretty horrible, the things that go on in this state.”

She’s right. Remember the case of Brian Finkel, the abortionist convicted of sexually abusing 13 women? You probably don’t remember it, because it didn’t get too much media attention.

The full video and report by Live Action, the pro-life group that conducted the undercover taping in Arizona, are here.