Voters don’t like it when their representatives don’t really live in the district. I wonder what the people of Collierville think about their absentee state Rep. Curry Todd living in the Nashville home of a lobbyist, rent-free:

Rep. Todd lost his Collierville home in a divorce a couple of years ago. There was a time when people had no idea if the man representing them even lived among them. Citizens believe the Nashville home may explain why they didn’t see him around town….

The lawmaker admits to living rent free in an upscale Nashville home in 2011 when it was owned by lobbyist Chuck Welch.  State ethics law forbids lobbyists from providing gifts, including housing, to lawmakers….

In a written statement to the Tennessean newspaper, Todd admitted he lived in the home, but won`t say for how long. He says it was a gesture between friends and nothing else.

Rep. Todd, in his defense, needed to crash at the lobbyist’s house because he got divorced and got arrested for DWI and possession of a firearm under the influence.