In a July 31 “town hall” speech to employees at her department, Interior Secretary Sally Jewell — without being prompted in any way — praised Walmart’s efforts to address climate change.

We are in a great place to do something about that — and that is a great privilege. Coming from a job in the private sector where we talked a lot about this and we had little opportunity — some opportunity — solar rays on our stores, reducing our carbon footprint, thinking about, you know, what we did within our own business. What we can do (at the Interior Department) is on a scale that is orders of magnitude larger than what any individual business could do, even a business the size of Walmart — that really works hard on this as well. So, I’d ask you to join me in stepping up to that.

The nonunion retail giant is the national’s largest employer and a frequent target for liberal scorn.

In the same speech, Jewell also said she hoped no climate change deniers worked at the department.