Iowa Senate candidate Bruce Braley was perfectly upfront about his disdain for Iowa farmers. David Freddoso spells out how Braley feels about trial lawyers (he's their champion) and small business (he's their scourge).

But don't rush to judge Braley as "anti-business." In the House, he frequently lines up with Big Business when Big Business comes asking for federal handouts. Off the top of my head, Braley:

-- Voted in mid-2008 for the "Bank of America Bill" bailing out the housing sector.

-- Voted in October 2008 for the Great Wall Street Bailout.

-- Voted to bail out GM and Chrysler.

-- Voted with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce for the stimulus bill

-- Voted to reauthorize the Export-Import Bank.

-- Voted against reforming the indefensible sugar program.