Iowa Republican Senate candidate Joni Ernst has a new ad promising to "unload" once she sets her sights on Obamacare.

After a narrator describes Ernst as a "mom, farm girl and a lieutenant colonel who carries more than just lipstick in her purse," the ad shows the candidate loading a pistol and firing shots at a target that is presumably a metaphorical stand-in for Obamacare.

"Oh, and one more thing," the narrator says after Ernst's shots cleanly hit the target. "Joni doesn't miss much."

Ernst's campaign generated attention with a March ad vowing to make big spenders "squeal" in Washington.

Her chief competition in Iowa's June 3 GOP primary is Mark Jacobs, a former CEO of Reliant Energy, which is based in Texas.

The winner of the primary will face gaffe-plagued Democratic Rep. Bruce Braley in November's general election to replace retiring Democratic Sen. Tom Harkin.