Iran is calling reports that an Iranian boat pointed its weapon at a US Navy helicopter in the Strait of Hormuz a "propaganda campaign."

On Saturday, an MH-60 Seahawk helicopter from the carrier Dwight D. Eisenhower flew within a half mile of two boats belonging to the Iranian Revolution Guard Corps in international waters, at which point one of the boats pointed its weapon at the helicopter, according to a U.S. Defense official. No shots were fired and the helicopter flew back to the carrier.

But an IRGC source quoted by Iran's Tasnim News Agency said the report is false. "Some U.S. officials occasionally repeat such allegations. It shows that they are seeking certain goals beyond their propaganda campaign [against Iran]," the source said. "Therefore, we tell them with emphasis: Stop the propaganda; you are the problem."

The source added that Americans are the problem.

The incident follows one in August, in which four Iranian boats harassed a U.S. destroyer in the Strait, coming within 300 yards of the American ship, prompting the USS Nitze to fire flares into the air.

Sailors assigned to the destroyer Nitze come to the aid of stranded Iranian fishermen in the Persian Gulf on Nov. 18. Four Iranian boats hassled the same destroyer in August. (Navy photo)

On Nov. 18, that same destroyer came to the aid of three Iranian fishermen whose boat was dead in the water, the Navy said. After confirming that the boat's battery was dead, the destroyer's crew gave them a new one and a case of water.