Former IRS Commissioner Doug Shulman admitted during a House Oversight and Government Reform hearing Wednesday that he visited the White House multiple times and discussed the agency’s role in the implementation of Obamacare.

Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, questioned Shulman as to why he visited the White House 118 times in 2010-11.

Shulman said there were a variety of reasons why he would have gone to the White House.

“The implementation of the Affordable Care Act would have been one of the themes, and there could have been more,” Shulman admitted when questioned about the nature of his visits. “I am not prepared to give you an exhaustive list.”

“The IRS has a major role in the money flows in the Affordable Care Act,” Shulman explained.

Shulman also admitted that he visited the White House to attend the Easter Egg Roll with his kids, which would have been recorded in the White House guest logs.