New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie’s office has produced a new video for the annual New Jersey Legislative Correspondents’ dinner.

The video spoof highlights Christie’s hunt for his famous fleece and features pop culture references and cameos from Alec Baldwin, James Carville and Jon Bon Jovi.

The video also pays tribute to last year’s popular “Texts from Hillary” meme.

At Breitbart’s "The Conversation," Ezra Dulis says that this proves Chris Christie “gets it” when it comes to blending pop culture and politics.

Christie gets it. He knows he’ll gain greater name recognition and likability with goofy YouTube videos (this isn’t his first) than any political stunt — or position, for that matter — that could backfire on him. He’s sucking up to celebs who will increase his exposure and his “cool factor.”

Is Chris Christie funny? I think the answer lies in a new liberal nonprofit ad attacking Christie for appearing with late-night comedians.

“TV Christie is funny, but there is nothing funny about what Republican Governor Chris Christie is doing to our families,” the ad warns.

The ad reminds me of the failed attempt to attack Obama for being cool.