Science says it took man somewhere between 30,000 and 100,000 years to develop language. Apparently, The Washington Post wants to drag us all backwards. The paper just published an 1,100-word op-ed from a grown man who enjoys meowing at his girlfriend.

For all that talk about journalism being meow more vital to democracy than ever, the Post just solidified its reputation as litterbox lining. They can't play national watchdog in one section and then print man-cat in another. The whole thing is a sad joke for a paper that prides itself on bringing down presidents.

What were the Post editors thinking when they took that pitch? Were they jumping around all nimbly bimbly during their editorial meeting? Where they drinking milk from saucers and chasing mice?

Before Dana Milbank or Jennifer Rubin or anyone with a WaPo byline ever lectures about this administration's game of cat-and-mouse with journalists, they should read aloud the following exchange between their cat-man and his lady friend:

"'MEYYYYOWWWWW,' I wailed mournfully."

"'Meowww,' she responded sympathetically."

"Meow,'" I affirmed, with a huff."

That's not exactly the sort of hard-hitting cultural analysis readers have come to expect from a paper with five dozen Pulitzer prizes to its masthead. Granted, The Washington Post does some wonderful work, and there's always room for the occasional lighthearted story. But like cat poop on the carpet, this stupid piece is impossible to ignore.

Philip Wegmann is a commentary writer for the Washington Examiner.