It's fair game to look closely at the governing record of a governor who may become a presidential candidate. That's the one serious argument for all the attention directed at the closing of two access lanes to the George Washington Bridge ordered, or at least encouraged, by two appointees of New Jersey Governor Chris Christie.

So it's fair to take a look at another governor, Democrat Martin O'Malley of Maryland, who has been mentioned as possible presidential candidate and who has traveled around the country in a way that invites such mention. When we do take a look, what do we see? We see, as reported in the Washington Post, a state Obamacare website which has performed more poorly than the much and rightfully maligned O'Malley, as the Post reports, had said that Maryland would lead the nation. But he or his appointees had also been warned that the website wouldn't work--warnings that proved prescient, starting with what the Post calls a "calamitous debut."

There has been relatively little talk lately about an O'Malley presidential candidacy. Given the problems of the Maryland website we probably won't--and certainly shouldn't--hear much more.