The White House issued an ominous warning about the fate of the North American Free Trade Agreement when asked if the trade deal was already dead after Canada and Mexico rejected the Trump administration's proposed changes.

"Not yet," White House press secretary Sarah Sanders told reporters.

"But as the president has said, it's a bad deal and he wants to make sure that we have a deal that benefits American workers," she said. "That's what this administration is focused on."

The Trump administration has said it wants radical changes to NAFTA in order to help U.S. workers and create jobs in the United States. Among other things, Trump wants to include a clause sunsetting NAFTA and wants to change the rules to force more auto production to take place in North America.

Canada and Mexico have rejected these and other changes, leading to the possibility that the U.S. might withdraw from the deal. The government has also said it's open to the idea of a new deal that includes just Canada or Mexico if all three countries don't see eye to eye.

"We're going to continue to push forward, and if we can't get there, then we'll let you know what the changes are," Sanders said.