Democratic Sen. Cory Booker seems to be changing his tune on a future run for president.

During an appearance at the annual South by Southwest event in Austin, Texas, on Friday, the New Jersey lawmaker wouldn't speculate on the future after being asked about his political outlook during a sit-down talk with Google's Malika Saada Saar.

"I always say I'm running from the president, not to the president right now," Booker said. "I don't know what the future holds, but at this time in my life, I want to be a fierce truth teller. Let's not focus on 2020; let's work on the injustices that exist now."

Booker noted that he never expected to be a senator. He started out as Newark city counselor, then while he served as mayor of Newark he became a candidate for senator in 2013 during a special election to replace Frank Lautenberg, who died while in office. Booker won that special election and the following year won the general election to keep his seat.

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"I never thought I would get to the position I am now when I was a city councilperson," Booker said Friday.

Booker previously dismissed speculation that he might run for president one day. As recently as Jan. 21, one day after President Trump's inauguration, Booker said, "I am not open to being president."