He's canoed and kayaked the world, hunted turkeys and kept chickens and, on top of that, could be Mitt Romney's vice presidential pick. Earlier this week, Sen. Rob Portman got the Buzzfeed treatment when writer Andrew Kaczynski compiled a list of "15 Genuinely Interesting Things About Rob Portman." Who knew that the Ohio Republican had learned Spanish from Mexican cowboys or wrote a chapter of a book about how he smuggled a kayak into China in the 1980s to travel the Yangtze River?

We asked Portman's staff if there was anything else interesting that former OMB director had hidden from us. Not shockingly they found something. Portman also helped restore and owns a 1917 Model T Ford. His dad bought the car 50 some years ago to replace one he had in high school.

Portman's staff also noted that the Buzzfeed article got one minor detail wrong. It turns out that Portman's chickens are not nearly as impressive as he is, each laying only one egg a day, not the four eggs a day that Buzzfeed reported.