Second-term presidents rarely achieve as much as they did during their four years in office, either because top aides tend to be off their political game or because of external events.

Reagan's second term team, for example, was greatly distracted by the Iran-Contra scandal. George W. Bush's second term was consumed by Hurricane Katrina and the economic collapse of 2007.

As a result, second-term presidents tend to spend their final days in the Oval Office with low public approval ratings and rapidly waning influence on the course of events.

Obama's decline is different

President Obama is certainly following the familiar path with approval ratings sinking into the thirties. And there is increasing talk across the political spectrum that, in the words of the Daily Caller's Matt Lewis, the president is just "calling it in."

Thus, Obama seems to be most often seen in recent days either swinging a golf club or giving speeches at Democratic fundraisers.

But there is something worrisomely different about the Obama second term swoon that sets it off from previous presidents in their sixth year in office.

Lost in political fantasy?

There is an air of unreality about the Obama crew these days that became starkly evident last week with a letter to Congress from National Security Advisor Susan Rice seeking repeal of the 2002 authorization for the invasion of Iraq and White House press secretary Josh Earnest claiming Republicans are seriously seeking to impeach his boss.

House Speaker John Boehner and every other top GOP leader has denied it, but that didn't stop Earnest and the Democratic fundraising machine from insisting that impeachment is "part of their agenda.”

Similarly, Rice claimed repealing the 2002 law is needed to "give Americans confidence" that U.S. "ground forces will not be sent into combat in Iraq" even though House GOPers were preparing to approve a resolution saying U.S. ground forces should not be sent back to Iraq.

But then seeing the Obama administration publicly weaving such fantasies isn't really surprising, considering they've argued for years that one half of one-third of the federal government is responsible for all of America's problems.

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