President Obama delivered a brief statement Wednesday on ISIS' beheading of U.S. photojournalist James Foley, a momentary pause that was immediately followed by his return to the golf course.

Now, although Obama's love for leisurely pursuits, which include frequent golf outings and dining with leading academics, is hardly the stuff of breaking news, his decision to return to his vacation even as the parents of Foley mourn the loss of their son has apparently struck many in the media as … callous.

From the New York Daily News, which devoted its front page Thursday to a pointed takedown of the president's apparent lack of concern: “The country deserved better from its reluctant-warrior commander in chief. So, too, Foley’s family. So, too, the family of Steven Sotloff, a second American journalist held by ISIS.

“So, too, the tens of thousands of Iraqis and Syrians facing murderous barbarity,” the Daily News editorial continued.

“You had to examine Obama’s words closely to find a ray of hope that he would deliver on promised justice — not today or tomorrow but, maybe, after building an internationally sanctioned campaign. As he remarked, 'we act against (ISIS), standing alongside others.'"

And the Daily News isn't alone in its apparent disgust for the president's seemingly detached attitude towards ISIS. The New York publication has been joined by at least a handful of cable news commentators, including MSNBC's Chris Matthews and CNN.

Meanwhile, as Obama hit the links again Thursday, Michael Shear of the New York Times sent this pool report:

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Exit question: Is this the straw that breaks the camel's back? Or will the media do what it usually does and forgive the president for his recent behavior once things cool down and the news cycle moves on from ISIS?