“Bob Dole still goes to the office each day to push a number of causes,” said "Fox News Sunday" host Chris Wallace, signing off his interview with the former Senate majority leader and GOP presidential nominee. And he’s correct — Dole is a hardworking 90-year-old, and a great American who has served his country well.

But isn’t it relevant that he’s a registered lobbyist at a K Street firm, representing clients in biotech, gambling and other industries?

Dole, unlike some other lawmakers-turned-lobbyists, wasn’t on TV pumping for his companies. He was talking about his experiences as a soldier and a veteran, and his views on how the GOP has gone astray.

His party criticisms got more play in the media (e.g., Slate, WaPo, HuffPo, MSNBC) than anything else Dole said. But it’s precisely on his views of how the GOP needs to change that I think it’s at least relevant to mention that Dole’s interests involve advancing legislation that would increase the size of government.

Joe Scarborough this morning praised Dole and knocked the Tea Party wing of the GOP, naming Sens. Mike Lee and Ted Cruz.

So, Scarborough may have been drawing the same dividing line I’ve drawn in the GOP: It’s K Street vs. the Tea Parties. It’s Dole vs. Lee. It’s Trent Lott vs. Jim DeMint. It’s the Chamber of Commerce vs. the Club for Growth.

Dole also got the elder statesman treatment back in 2009, when he was a health-sector lobbyist lobbying for health-sector-subsidizing Obamacare.