President Trump highlighted congressional Republicans' progress toward passing a tax reform bill and touted the success of the economy on his watch during a wide-ranging speech in Missouri on Wednesday.

"Right now, America's tax code is a total dysfunctional mess," Trump said during a rally in St. Charles, Mo. "You're going to have something, I predict, that will be really, really special."

"Our plan gets America from the back of the pack and it will bring us right to number one, where we were for years but where we haven't been for decades," Trump said. "We're going to be right back at number one."

Trump stressed that the reduction in rates contained in Republicans' tax plan will benefit the middle class and not high-income households, as Democrats have alleged.

"I said, 'Don't call it reform, call it .' So every once in a while we add the word 'reform.' But it's tax cuts," Trump said. "It's going to cost me a fortune, this thing, believe me. This is not good for me."

Trump took a swipe at Missouri Democratic Sen. Claire McCaskill, who has said she opposes the Senate GOP's tax plan as written.

"She wants your taxes to go up," Trump said of McCaskill.

"Senator Claire McCaskill — have you ever heard of her? — is doing you a tremendous disservice," Trump added, pointing to her stances on crime, illegal immigration and military spending.

McCaskill is one of ten Democratic senators running for re-election next year in a state Trump carried in 2016 and is considered to be among the most vulnerable to a Republican challenge.

Trump touched on subjects ranging from the border wall — which he promised would still be built despite congressional opposition — to North Korea's dictator Kim Jon Un, whom he described as a "sick puppy."

The president also reprised attacks on the media that he began earlier on Wednesday with a series of tweets.

"Look at all the fake news back there," Trump said, pointing to the media gathered in the back of the venue. The crowd erupted into cheers.

Citing economic growth and progress on tax reform, Trump touted his administration's achievements to date. The White House has faced criticism for its failure to shepherd a major legislative item through Congress in its early months when presidents typically notch their most consequential policy victories.

"There has never been a 10-month president who has accomplished what we have accomplished," Trump said. "We're winning a lot bigger than anyone thought possible for such a short period of time."

Trump highlighted the "moment in time" that Republican control of all three branches of government had presented.

"This is our chance to free our economy," Trump said. "Republicans in Congress campaigned on cutting taxes."