It's hard to imagine reporting a story involving an alleged knife attack without mentioning, you know, the reported knife attack. Then again, if agitprop is your bread and butter, as it appears to be for AJ+ (owned by the Al Jazeera Media Network), bending and concealing the truth is second nature.

Consider the following viral tweet, which has been shared now by more than 11,000 social media users. The tweet, which was published June 1, reads, "A Palestinian girl was shot by Israeli soldiers. And while she was bleeding, settlers insulted her and told her to die."

The social media note included a video, which has been viewed nearly 300,000 times, offering more details of the events surrounding the fatal shooting of Nouf Enfeat:

"This 15-year Palestinian girl has just been shot by Israeli soldiers near Jenin, occupied West Bank," reads the AJ+ video text. "And then illegal Israeli settlers continued to taunt her."

It was nearly an hour before she received medical attention, according to some accounts. Terrible indeed.

But then the AJ+ video mentioned this: "Nouf Enfeat was accused of stabbing an Israeli soldier.

Wait. What?

The girl was shot by security forces after reportedly stabbing an Israeli soldier, according to her father and the army. She died Friday. The soldier was moderately wounded, the Israeli military said.

Though it's possible there is more to this story than the official accounts would have us believe, and allegations Enfeat was basically left to bleed out are truly disturbing, there's no excuse for a professional news organization to bury the bit about her reportedly stabbing a soldier.

That's kind of a big detail, no?

The fact that the reported stabbing isn't mentioned until halfway through the short AJ+ video is inexcusable. If you're an honest and professional news group, there's no reason whatsoever to leave that information out of the story's lede. None at all.

As if burying the reported details surrounding the shooting wasn't bad enough, doubled down on its effort by publishing an article titled, "Israeli forces shoot Palestinian teen during ‘attack.'"

Nice scare quotes.

It's nice when a news organization outs itself as a propaganda network. It takes the guesswork out of it, you know?