Ivanka Trump ate breakfast with Federal Reserve Chairwoman Janet Yellen just days before her father suggested that he was considering reappointing Yellen to helm the central bank.

Ivanka Trump, a White House official in addition to being the president's daughter, sat down with Yellen at the Fed's headquarters on Constitution Avenue on July 17, Yellen's public calendar released Monday revealed.

The next week, President Trump said in an interview with the Wall Street Journal that he was weighing the possibility of keeping Yellen at the Fed, a major shift from his campaign accusations that Yellen was manipulating monetary policy to benefit Democrats.

Yellen's calendar reveals that she has been in close contact with the Trump administration. During former President Barack Obama's tenure, congressional Republicans charged that her frequent communications with the administration might compromise the Fed's independence.

On July 27, she had lunch with Gary Cohn, the director of Trump's National Economic Council. Cohn also has been identified by Trump as a potential candidate to lead the Fed starting in February but has fallen out of favor as a candidate.

Yellen also met regularly with Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin.

"We have a very constructive dialogue on a lot of issues," Mnuchin said of his weekly meetings with Yellen in an Aug. 31 interview.