Ivanka Trump chalked up any missteps that she's taken since her father's inauguration as a learning curve.

"I'm still at the early stages of learning how everything works," she said told the New York Times, "but I know enough now to be a much more proactive voice inside the White House."

Being new to government, the first daughter, who is also an assistant to the president, has faced backlash over her father's positions and off-the-cuff remarks. Critics have asked why she doesn't speak out against her father's controversial decisions.

"Suddenly, after my father declared his candidacy, it became that all the things that I was doing that I was praised for, the same people, the critics, viewed them through this different lens," she said. "Somehow, all the same things they applauded me for as a millennial, as a female entrepreneur, were now viewed very cynically as opportunistic."

She's hoping Americans will be patient as she learns to navigate Washington.

"I do believe that in time I'll get to the right place," she said. "In the short run I'll have missteps, and, in some cases, I'll take shots that I could have avoided if I had publicly said what I think," the president's daughter said.

"I'm really, really trying to learn."