Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner got a rabbinic pass to travel on Jewish Shabbat in order to accompany President Trump on his first overseas trip on Friday, according to a report.

A White House official said President Trump's daughter and son-in-law received permission to travel on Air Force One with the president to Saudi Arabia, according to Politico. It was not clear on what grounds the exception was made to travel with Trump on his first overseas trip, the report said.

Kushner and Ivanka Trump, who are practicing Orthodox Jews, are not allowed to ride in a vehicle on Shabbat, which begins on Fridays at sunset and ends after sunset Saturday. "From Friday to Saturday we don't do anything but hang out with one another. We don't make phone calls," she said in a 2015 Vogue interview. The couple has made a few exceptions in the past.

Previously, Kushner and Ivanka Trump had been granted permission by a rabbi to travel in a car after her father's inauguration in D.C. on Jan. 20 due to "security concerns."

"We're pretty observant, more than some, less than others," Ivanka Trump told Vogue. "I just feel like it's such an intimate thing for us."

"It's been such a great life decision for me. I am very modern, but I'm also a very traditional person […] I really find that with Judaism, it creates an amazing blueprint for family connectivity," she said.