Rep. Jackie Speier, D-Calif., one of the leaders in the fight to reform sexual harassment policies in Congress, said Thursday that Sen. Al Franken needs to step down after eight women have accused him of sexual assault.

"Whenever you have someone who infringes on another person as he has done repeatedly, he does not have the right, frankly, to be a member of the Congress of the United States," she said on MSNBC.

Two more women came forward to accuse Franken of sexual assault on Wednesday, which prompted several Democratic women in the Senate to call for his resignation.

When asked why Franken shouldn't be given due process, such as an investigation by the Senate Ethics Committee, she said the sheer number of accusers against Franken is enough to justify calls for his resignation.

"In this case, because the numbers have just been rolling in, there is a pattern here that is truly unacceptable," she said.

She agreed, however, that it's up to Franken whether to accept calls for his resignation, or to hang on and go through the Senate Ethics Committee review.

"He will make that decision himself," she said.

Franken is expected to speak on the Senate floor Thursday to make an announcement. Early reports said he would resign, but his office said late Wednesday that no decisions had been made.