CNN's Jake Tapper issued a stern warning to President Trump on Wednesday about ignoring the majority of America for the sake of pleasing his base.

Beginning his afternoon news program, "The Lead," Tapper echoed the concerns of fellow journalist Carl Bernstein, saying he's heard not only from Democrats but also Republicans on Capitol Hill, expressing concerns about Trump off-the-record about his "wherewithal" to be president.

"This is a subject I hear more and more," Tapper said.

He cited some of the results of a new poll which shows Trump's low approval ratings about his ability to lead and whether he has encouraged white supremacist groups with his comments following the violence in Charlottesville, Va., two weekends ago.

"These numbers, sir, these numbers are disastrous," Tapper exclaimed. "You are no doubt pleasing your base, but your behavior is causing great concern among the majority of the American people."

Tapper isn't the only CNN anchor to condemn Trump this week. Don Lemon, who anchor's "CNN Tonight," said Tuesday evening, following Trump's rally in Phoenix, that his wide-ranging speech showed a "total eclipse of the facts" and that the president is "embarrassing."

During the rally, Trump called CNN "pathetic" and at one point the crowd broke out into a "CNN sucks" chant.