Former FBI Director James Comey announced his new official Twitter name "Comey" to his 201,000 followers Monday after hiding behind the name of an American theologian for seven months.

"Here's my new handle. Glad to be part of the Twitterverse. Grateful to Reinhold for the cover these last few years," Comey tweeted from the updated page Monday morning. The page has been verified by Twitter.

Comey had been using @FormerBU and Reinhold Niebuhr's name as his alias; the oldest post on the page is dated March 30.

Comey's profile has the same description as before the name change: "Past FBI Director, current husband and father, writing and speaking about ethical leadership, taller and funnier in person."

President Trump fired Comey in May, which led to the appointment of Robert Mueller as special counsel of the federal probe into possible collusion during the 2016 election between Russia and Trump's associates.

Since then, the intelligence official has tweeted from various U.S. locations and shared pictures of his travels, including one to Iowa last month.

He most recently vowed to start writing more and said he would share his thoughts on the social media channel.

"Goodbye Iowa. On the road home. Gotta get back to writing. Will try to tweet in useful ways," he tweeted Oct. 23.