At last the world has demonstrators the American Left can applaud, people with their values, their aspirations -- not people like those Tea Party types, people worried about an expanded government, ever-increasing deficits, a growing welfare state that will someday spell doom and gloom for one and all.

Now we have had those Greek demonstrators who instead want to keep a welfare state going, who are absolutely astonished at a four-year austerity program entailing wage cuts for public workers, pension freezes and eventually -- five years down the road -- an age increase from 61 to 63 to qualify for old-age benefits.

So upset were some Greeks at all of this, especially the Greek Communist Party, that there was a general strike and an Athens riot in which thousands threw stones and still others set fire to buildings where some people were not heeding the strike -- they were actually working!

Three of those will never work again. They burned to death, and while many Greeks expressed dismay, that did not prevent tens of thousand of others from demonstrating again the very next day.

The demonstrators obviously want to maintain a goodies-giveaway system that so far exceeds the government's ability to pay that the Greek budget deficit is 13.6 percent of gross domestic product and its debt 115 percent of GDP.

Things are so bad that the European Union is endangered and Greece -- already suffering -- would be looking at a major depression without the $145 billion in loans it's receiving from other nations.

What exactly do these demonstrators want, then? Continuing gifts of billions from other lands? Economic catastrophe? Actually, some of us might think they deserve the catastrophe except that it could mean economic mayhem for the rest of the world as well.

As I said, American liberals must love all of this because they absolutely hate the Tea Party demonstrators who are pointing to our own growing deficits and debts, who recognize that we are marching in a Greek direction, who are worried about the inevitable, growth-slowing tax increases to come, who understand that only spending cuts will work and see the opposite at work: the growth of spending through such devices as a new unaffordable, very nearly insane health care entitlement.

Why, say the liberals, these Tea Party people are uninformed, even though most economists would agree with their central assessment about spending. But look, we want social justice, argue the liberals who don't seem to get it that this new health plan fixes almost nothing that could not have been fixed more cheaply and threatens more human misery through its stupidities than the old system could cause in 100 years.

The liberals aren't through yet, though, because they want you to know the Tea Party members are mainly white, as if the reason is exclusion. It isn't, of course, and in fact some of the movement's most eloquent and convincing activists are black.

But didn't three or four of these millions of people once use racial epithets? Well, it is so alleged, but the allegations seem dubious, and, at any rate, it is sheer bigotry to tar a whole group because of the actions of a few.

We do know at least some of the Greek demonstrators are murderers, and while I don't maintain our leftists think that's OK, I do maintain that the most violent demonstrations in this country in recent decades have been leftist-led and leftist-excused.

What leftist won't abide is people who think differently from them, who actually have some common sense, who comprehend the evils attendant to an ever-growing welfare state and get it that President Obama is leading us toward disaster.

Examiner Columnist Jay Ambrose is a former Washington opinion writer and editor of two dailies. He can be reached at