White House press secretary Jay Carney on Thursday sidestepped questions about a potential clash between Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton, saying that the 2016 Democratic race was not on President Obama's mind.

“Questions about 2016 are just not in his mind,” Carney told reporters.

Speculation over Vice President Biden and former Secretary of State Clinton's possible 2016 future intensified this week after Biden said that Clinton's decision would not affect his own political plans.

Biden has refused to close the door on a potential presidential bid, despite polls showing that Clinton is the clear favorite for the Democratic nomination.

Clinton has said only that she will make a decision in the future, but her supporters are already laying the groundwork if she runs.

Obama has only praised both Biden and Clinton and repeatedly declined to offer support for one or compare the two as possible contenders.

“What I can tell you is the president is very appreciative of the service that Secretary Clinton gave to this administration and to the president's foreign policy team, and she did excellent work. And they have a very good relationship,” Carney said on Thursday.

“And the president continues to be enormously grateful for the excellent partner he has in Vice President Biden and has had since the beginning of this administration,” he added.

Carney sidestepped questions about Biden’s repeated public statements about how he is weighing a run.

"You know Vice President Biden, I know Vice President Biden," he said. "When he's asked a question, he answers it. That's what he does."