White House press secretary Jay Carney blamed Republicans for polls showing that President Obama's credibility is declining, arguing that the government shutdown contributed to voters' distrust of the president.

"There is no question that the dysfunction in Washington that the American people have seen is taking its toll on everyone, and, while the president's ratings are low for him, they're sky high in comparison with Congress and, in particular, Republicans in Congress," Carney replied when asked about polls showing Obama's credibility at an all-time low with the American people.

"It reflects a feeling among the American people that this place is not working for them and that was reflected very clearly in the wholly unnecessary shutdown," Carney said.

The White House spokesman said the numbers also fell because of "some of the frustration" people have with Obamacare.

Quinnipiac University released some startling survey results Tuesday. "For the first time today, American voters say 52-44 percent that Obama is not honest and trustworthy," the pollster found.

"His previous lowest marks on honesty were May 30, when 49 percent of voters said he was honest and 47 percent said he wasn't."

Carney said that Obama "knows that he wasn't sent here to have this rating in answer to this question in a poll; he was sent here to deliver on what he ran on."