White House press secretary Jay Carney on Friday accused Republicans of protecting the wealthy at the expense of the middle class, part of a new effort by the Obama administration to portray the GOP as aligned primarily with the wealthiest Americans.

President Obama's top spokesman told reporters that Republicans had pursued policies that “generally expanded or protected opportunity for the few.”

In contrast, Carney insisted that Obama was focused on an “agenda that is designed to expand opportunity for all.”

Obama will sound that populist message later Friday in remarks at a Democratic National Committee meeting.

The White House has calculated that their recipe for success in the 2014 midterms is to paint Republicans as beholden to the wealthy. Obama has previously called combating income inequality the central cause of his second term.

Democrats are in danger of losing control of the Senate, with Republicans bullish about their chances of gaining the six seats needed to take over the upper chamber.

And Republicans say the White House is engaging in class warfare to distract from Obama's failed policies -- most notably, Obamacare.