White House Press Secretary Jay Carney has come under heavy fire this week as journalists grilled him about the three scandals hitting President Obama’s administration at once.

On CNN Thursday night, however, Carney explained to Piers Morgan that he has actually enjoyed his job this week.

“Maybe it’s just me, but I’ve kind of enjoyed it,” Carney said, as Morgan asked him how his week has been.

Carney has hosted only two press briefings this week.

Carney added that the week had been “challenging” but that he enjoyed “inspiring reporters to ask hard questions” as Obama’s press secretary.

“I think that it’s part of our democracy and part of what makes the process great,” he continued.

Carney asserted that in his opinion, the three scandals within the Obama administration were not scandals.

“I dismiss the premise, the idea that these are scandals,” Carney said flatly, calling the controversy over Benghazi a “total concoction by Republicans,” and the IRS scandal merely “inappropriate behavior” by the IRS.

On the Associated Press scandal, Carney explained that even as a former journalist, he supported President Obama’s position on national security leaks and journalism.

“I very strongly believe, as does the president, in the need for the press to be able to pursue investigative journalism freely,” Carney explained, although he refused to comment specifically on the case with the Associated Press.