White House press secretary Jay Carney on Thursday said President Obama wasn't thinking about a new memoir by former Defense Secretary Robert Gates that gives a damning indictment of the president's leadership and foreign policies.

Carney said that he spoke with Obama about Gates’ book but that the president “didn’t spend a lot of time on it.”

“This is way down on his list,” Carney said. “It’s not even on the list.”

Behind the scenes, however, Obama surrogates were none too pleased with Gates' descriptions of the inner workings of the White House.

Gates suggested that Obama lost faith in his blueprint for Afghanistan, opposed the surge in Iraq purely for political reasons and micromanaged the military more than any president since Richard Nixon.

The Washington veteran had even harsher words for Vice President Joe Biden, saying the former chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee was "wrong on nearly every major foreign policy and national security issue over the past four decades."

Still, Carney said that Obama had “bigger issues” on his plate.