Did hackers attack Obamacare on day one?

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney sidestepped a question about the possibility that hackers targeted the Obamacare exchange websites on the first day they went live online, reiterating his belief that the glitches derived from overwhelming public interest in Obamacare benefits.

Noting that there were 10 million visits to the Obamacare website in New York, a state of under 20 million people, a Bloomberg reporter asked if the Obama team thought hackers might have tried to swamp the websites with heavy traffic.

Carney said he hadn't heard of the hacking concerns. "What we are confident of is that the high volume that we've seen around the country ... reflects the extreme interest in the opening of the market places," he said.

The Obamacare rollout led to some high-profile embarrassments Tuesday, as visitors faced long wait times and other website glitches — at least one of which took place on television, when an MSNBC host spent 35 minutes trying unsuccessfully to sign up for an exchange.

"We welcome the interest," Carney said.