White House spokesman Jay Carney held up the comments of a GOP insurance commissioner in Georgia as a "particularly egregious example" of Republicans who are trying to “sabotage” Obamacare.

During remarks to a Republican women's club meeting, Georgia Insurance and Safety Fire Commissioner Ralph Hudgens last month compared a person with a pre-existing condition applying for health insurance to a reckless driver asking for auto-collision coverage.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution on Wednesday posted on its website the video of Hudgens' comments to what appeared to be a small table of women.

“Just yesterday we saw a particularly egregious example of Republicans who, to this day, say they want to repeal the law and are trying to sabotage or undermine it and the protections provided by the Affordable Care Act,” Carney told reporters at his daily briefing Thursday.

“'It's your fault,' he said. So it's your fault if you have asthma or cancer or some other pre-existing condition,” Carney said. “That kind of language is obviously wrong.”

Hudgens told the Journal-Constitution on Wednesday that he misspoke and used a “really poor analogy” in making those remarks.

“It's not the person's fault they have a pre-existing condition,” he said.