White House press secretary Jay Carney got in a verbal scrap with a reporter Friday, accusing him of spouting his opinion rather than asking a serious question during his daily briefing.

Carney didn't take kindly to the Daily Caller's Neil Munro shaking his head during an exchange with another reporter about Obamacare">Obamacare's enrollment numbers.

After calling out Munro, Obama's top spokesman then took a number of questions from the reporter about the White House response to the federal government shutdown.

Munro noted the closing of federal parks and other open-air monuments, before asking whether Carney could “name one thing” the administration had done to ease the government shutdown’s effect on the public.

"If you want to have a soapbox, I'll set one up for you outside," Carney said dismissively.

This wasn’t the first tussle between the White House and Munro.

Last year, Munro famously interrupted Obama during a Rose Garden address on immigration reform, drawing a rebuke from the president.