Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush isn't backing away from his push for comprehensive immigration reform, taking to Twitter to cheer a super-fast new system in Canada that matches jobs to the skills of immigrants.

“Canada has an economically driven immigration system. Why can’t we fix our broken one?” he wrote on Twitter.


Bush's tweet linked to a CBC Newsarticle that described the system as “Express Entry.”

The system will be "a swifter path to Canada that will select immigrants based on the skills and attributes that Canada needs based on those identified by government but also by employers," said Immigration Minister Chris Alexander during a news conference, according to the story.

The goal is to match worker skills with jobs. Alexander also said that workers would remain in Canada long-term.

"You can bring your labor market opinion, your job offer, to the Express Entry system and ensure that the person you need comes to Canada as an immigrant, not as a temporary foreign worker. Not as someone who is here with an uncertain future and likely to go back, but as a full immigrant to Canada," Alexander said on Tuesday.

"And that I think is going to be very exciting because it's going to make the match between our economic immigrants and their families, and the needs of the Canadian job market much stronger,” he added, according to CBC.

Bush has come under fire from critics for his support of immigration reform.

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