Many Republicans see their opposition to Obamacare as the political path forward in 2014, but former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush says the GOP's future lies elsewhere, in issues like immigration, education and family values.

"We're a center-right country, but conservatives won't govern again soon unless we ... get outside our comfort zones to listen," Bush said at the Jack Kemp Award Dinner he headlined in Washington on Monday night.

Bush, the brother and son of former presidents, is rumored to be weighing his own presidential bid in 2016. And he's taking a political tack similar to other former and current Republican governors considering presidential bids, like Bobby Jindal of Louisiana: Stressing policy triumphs and open-mindedness as means of attracting voters and improving the GOP's national brand.

"We have strayed away from the politics of winning, from the politics of opportunity, and from achieving the governing needed to accomplish big things," Bush said.

The speech is the latest in an extended effort by Bush to focus national attention on his pet policy issues. Earlier this year, he released a book on immigration reform, Immigration Wars.