Left-leaning media figures love to give Republicans advice on which candidates to choose.

Most of that advice is bad, of course, or aimed at goading the GOP into choosing a candidate who's an easy target for the Democrats and their media allies to pick apart.

The latest example of the Republicans Democrats love to love is former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, who seems to have at least partially overcome a reluctance to consider the race due to the spotlight.

"Jeb Bush is conservative, very conservative, on contentious social issues, but he doesn't come across as crazed," writes Democratic strategist Bob Shrum in the Daily Beast on Monday.

"He sounds reasonable and looks likable, even if he is the ideal candidate of the economic royalists. He is the establishment’s establishmentarian."

Putting aside the fact that Shrum is probably the biggest loser in Democratic presidential politics (zero wins in eight campaigns, including Al Gore's and John Kerry's), efforts by him and other Democrats to push Bush to the forefront of Republican hopefuls are clearly just part of preparing the battlespace for Hillary Clinton.

Let's face facts: Not a single one of the Democrats or their left-wing media allies is going to support Bush if he runs. They just see him as an easy target.

Case in point: A front-page story in Monday's New York Times picking apart Bush's efforts to make money since leaving the Florida governor's office in 2007.

The media also are likely to have a field day with family issues, including his daughter Noelle's drug problems and past marital strife, that played a major role in why Bush didn't run in 2012.