Jeb Bush on Tuesday met with Republican lobbyists in Washington to provide an update on his expected run for president and let supporters know how they could boost his budding campaign.

Bush operatives who joined the former Florida governor at the afternoon event announced that 60 events in cities across the country have been scheduled to raise money for his federal leadership political action committee, which can accept money only in limited amounts, and his super PAC, which can accept checks in unlimited amounts.

According to one attendee, Bush talked about how the expected campaign of Democrat Hillary Clinton, the former secretary of state under President Obama, would “be a campaign of the past dating back to what happened in the 1990s” and that his “will be candidacy of future” focusing on positive immigration reform, among other issues.

“His whole message is going to be that you’ve got to lift people up,” this source said. “You can’t have a successful campaign that is focused on people who are doing well economically.”

The afternoon event was organized by Dirk Van Dongen, president of the National Association of Wholesaler-Distributors. It attracted about 40 mostly veteran Republican operatives, many with ties to the Bush family political network.

Jack Oliver, who is expected to serve as the finance chairman of the Bush campaign, and Heather Larrison, his chief fundraising consultant, were there to help run the meeting and discuss fundraising plans and goals.