The latest proof that Jeb Bush is Hillary Clinton’s top foe in the 2016 presidential fight arrived Wednesday in a new Florida poll that showed only he would beat her in the state he once governed.

The Saint Leo University Polling Institute found that in a statewide poll, Bush would top Clinton 43 percent to 42 percent. No other potential GOP candidate comes as close, the institute told Secrets.

What’s more, voters are supportive of Bush running for president instead of their popular senator, Marco Rubio. If both ran in the primaries, Bush would receive 43 percent support to Rubio’s 19 percent, the Florida Republicans polled said.

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The Bush family has been pushing Jeb to jump into the race. Conservatives are critical of him, however.

Bush was the top choice in the poll of Florida Republicans.

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Two other standouts: Dr. Ben Carson is the third most popular Republican, at 8 percent, and Sen. Rand Paul landed at the bottom of the list, even behind former U.N. Ambassador John Bolton and Rep. Peter King.

Asked who they were support in 2016, the 420 likely voters polled said:

• 34 percent Jeb Bush

• 15 percent Mitt Romney

• 10 percent Sen. Marco Rubio

• 8 percent Ben Carson

• 7 percent New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie

• 3 percent Wisconsin Sen. Scott Walker

• 2 percent Texas Sen. Ted Cruz

• 2 percent Ohio Gov. John Kasich

• 2 percent former U.N. Ambassador John Bolton

• 1 percent Rep. Paul Ryan

• 1 percent Texas Gov. Rick Perry

• 1 percent Mike Huckabee

• 1 percent Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal

• 1 percent N.Y. Rep. Peter King

• 1 percent former Sen. Rick Santorum

• 0 percent Sen. Rand Paul

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